Married in Madewell

Madewell in Raleigh at Southpoint Mall has invited us to “pop up” our shop on Saturday, December 20. Eeeeeek!

We are super excited about this opportunity to showcase our holiday cards, our any-occasion cards, stationary sets, and more to a whole new audience! We’ll be sending out invitations to join us, so if you’d like to come by you can subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this post.

Jen's Wedding Dress


On a side note: I got married a couple of months ago, on a beautiful September day, wearing this Madewell dress!

On the day I went into their store (at Crabtree Valley Mall) to look around, I was searching the whole mall for a dress and had so far come up empty. Everything was either too fancy or too casual. I wanted something classic, unique, and special. I’m used to not getting great service, so I tried on the dress without consulting with the girl in the store. It was my first time in the store, though I had shopped online before.

But when I came out of the dressing room the girl gasped and come over, saying: “You look amazing in that dress! Wow. I had no idea it could look like that. Are you getting married?” She didn’t know me at all, I had not told her anything, and this was not “a wedding dress.” I must have had that glow! Needless to say, she made me feel amazing in that dress.

My whole experience was just right—personal yet professional, and sweet. The day I wore it was too. :)

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